Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PICTURES OF WILPATTU................................

I got a chance to go camping at Wilpattu in the 4th week of October 2013 for 2 days. Canon photo hub organized the trip and we had a great time.Crocodile  babies

A jackal at a distance
A camellion

A changeable Hwk Eagle
Barn Swallows

Green pigeon
Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Painted Storks

Black winged Stilt
Marshy Sandpiper

Black Winged  Godwitt
Common Snipe

Lovely Sunset

The road seen in the night

We lit a fire near our tents

A male jungle fowl on a tree

A golden Plover
A croc putting it's head out
Famous Thimbiri TREE
A female Black winged Stilt resting

A gosh Hawk Eagle

Serpent Eagle

Adjutant Stork

A centepid


Dragon fly

An Elephant in a Villu
A pair of Mongoose
Blue tailed Bea eater

Thick Nee

A popadur Pigeon couple

An Emerald Pigeon
Showing off.....

A male Peacock on a tree

A Barking Deer
Sun bathing-----

Indian Cormorant Drying itself

A lesser Plover
Purple Heron

A juvenile White Bellied Sea Eagle in flight

At very close quarters and not being scared

Our Camping site in Maradamaduwa

The drivers of the Jeeps we were using

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